I look at the world through a communicative lens, believing passionately communication is central to everything we are. I’m happiest when using my skills and experiences to directly help people live better lives.

This fall, I’m starting a position as an Instructor of Strategic Communication at Oregon State University. Since 2011, I’ve taught Communication classes at four different universities. I’ve also had the opportunity to work in other educational roles (e.g., summer camp counselor, tutor, ESL assistant, grant development specialist), as well as to work for Delta Air Lines at two different airports (CVG and MCI).

My specialties include conducting intercultural and health communication research and teaching a variety of communication classes, such as public speaking, interpersonal and intercultural communication, small-group problem solving, interviewing, and public relations.

I enjoy teaching/training, writing, reading, watching and listening to the news and other media, and disseminating helpful information by translating scholarly results into usable action steps for practitioners. I also love to visit different cultures and new places and to spend time with loved ones.

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