About the Author

I am currently finishing a PhD in Communication Studies at the University of Kansas.

Since 2011, I’ve taught Communication classes at two different universities. I’ve also had the opportunity to work in other educational roles (e.g., summer camp counselor, tutor, ESL assistant), as well as to work for Delta Air Lines at two different airports (CVG and MCI).

I enjoy consuming communication in all it’s forms–from public relations campaigns to informative governmental press releases.  It’s fun for me to disseminate messages about topics I’m passionate about, and equally fun to interpret messages of others to see what tactics they are using to achieve their goals. I look at the world through a communicative lens, and see communication as central to everything we do.

In the near future, I hope to acquire a job that will allow me to use my skill set and experiences to directly help people live better lives. I am particularly interested in working in the international arena for governmental / intergovernmental, educational, or nongovernmental organizations.

For more information about my work and educational experiences, including publications, my CV is attached below. I’m also on LinkedIn.