Fernweh is a German word meaning, “farsickness” or “longing for far-off places”. I love the way Talia Gutin describes it here:

It’s a purposeful desire to recognize nothing and no one. Instead of longing for a physical structure, it’s a desire to discover home under the wide open sky in a far away land, where the front door is the expansive sea and the bedroom, its sandy shores. (More).

Many also refer to fernweh as the opposite of homesickness.

This word perfectly describes my need to travel, more so than the overused wanderlust. I get an itch to explore new places, particularly very different places, constantly. It’s like a metaphorical mosquito bite, but one I am happy and willing to scratch forever.

If you also suffer delightfully from fernweh, here’s a two-minute video explaining how powerful travel can be from my favorite TV travel personality, Anthony Bourdain:

Happy travels.

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