Eritrea Tidbits

I read this BBC article about Eritrea.

While coverage of the African continent by mainstream European news media is not perfect, it seems better than coverage (and/or lack thereof) offered by most U.S. mainstream news media, which seems biased towards focusing on ‘poverty porn’, a phrase used in this analysis. I found the BBC article above quite fascinating and learned a lot in a few minutes.

For instance, Eritrea was colonized by the Italians, a heritage that can still be seen in the country these days (refer to the article I link to above). The country has also been controlled by the British and Ethiopians, and gained independence from Ethiopia in the early 1990s after a decades-long war, but has unfortunately seen a resurgence in conflict recently (sources here and here).

Also interesting, while Eritrea is located in the Horn of Africa (see screenshot from Google Maps below), it doesn’t have issues with Islamic extremism like some others in the region. Their government is an authoritarian one, though, with a horrible human rights record (source), resulting in the oppression and abuse of countless people (many of the refugees fleeing to Europe are Eritrean).

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 22.26.11
Eritrea in Horn of Africa (Google Maps)

Despite all this, life goes on, and the BBC captured some amazing photographs (with really nice informative captions) of that life. I urge you to check out the link below, because the photos and captions are truly fascinating and insightful.

Eritrea in Pictures (BBC)

Disclaimer: The above post is an old one, which I am reposting on this new website. It has been edited.

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